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 Slow down.
Sense the moment.
Ancient wisdom for the present time.

Whether you are new to meditation or looking for ongoing support for your practice, slow + sense offers practical tips and classes tailored to you.

Specialized sessions include:

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For New & Experienced Meditators

For students with varying depths of practice, slow + sense offers classes and inspiration to support you on the journey.

Slowing down just a bit helps you notice what is happening, as it happens. This can offer you another way to pay attention. Rather than acting from old habits, you can tune the mind to more useful and compassionate ways of living.

Slow. Not dull, not boring, but compassionately, and wisely, considered.

Practical information on Mindfulness Meditation, Mindful Yoga and Yoga Nidra. These teachings, though thousands of years old, are ever so relevant to our current, busy world.

Sense. Move out of the ruminative mind, and come into the senses. Touch, taste and, feel again. Become aware of the present moment. The mind on autopilot is an underutilized tool, and will miss opportunities for growth and joy.

We are more alike than we are different. At the heart of these ancient contemplative teachings lies wisdom for the modern-day human experience.

Mindfulness Builds Life Skills

With a mindful approach, you can better digest and integrate daily life.

Many people find they develop a calmer, less stressed view of life when they learn Mindfulness Meditation, Mindful Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

The practices themselves involve learning to concentrate, developing present-moment non-judgmental awareness, and incorporating a compassionate and unifying perspective.


Try a Free Guided Mindfulness Practice & Read Tips for Your Practice

Mindfulness Training helped me in so many ways. Not only has it improved my health by reducing my stress level it also has helped me stay in the moment, which has made my life more fulfilling.


Without being too dramatic, I’d liken Monica’s mindfulness sessions to cleaning the smudge off your glasses and seeing clearer. Life is sweeter when being mindful. Thank you for bringing me back to childhood wonders and delights.


Monica has the most calming voice and presence I’ve ever experienced during guided meditation. The moment she starts a session, her voice alone makes my entire body and mind relax like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Monica is the epitome of love and light and peace. Thank you, Monica.


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