Mindful Yoga & Yoga Nidra

 Slow down.
Sense the moment.
Ancient wisdom for the present time.

Mindfulness is at the heart of Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Our mindful Yoga practices are gentle and contemplative.

Yoga Nidra is a meditation done while lying down, bringing body and mind into deep relaxation. It helps us learn new habits through systematically reducing mental and physical tension.

Whether you are new to meditation, Yoga or Yoga Nidra, or you are  looking for ongoing support for your practices, slow + sense offers resources and classes tailored to you.

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Mindful Yoga in Our Sessions

In practical terms, Yoga and its postures and other practices, are a way of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions.

In our sessions we use only very gentle Yoga postures, often while seated in a chair, or resting on the floor. We allow ourselves to be properly supported so that we can guide the body and mind into a state of focused relaxation.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra & Relaxation Practices

Our classes include classical Yoga Nidra practices, modern variations of Yoga Nidra, and relaxation exercises.

The term “Nidra” means sleep, but the aim of the practice is in fact not to sleep, but to remain awake and aware. The practice is known as “Yogic Sleep” because of its healing and transformative qualities. Classical Yogic texts say that one hour of Yoga Nidra offers more rest and healing than 4 hours of regular sleep.

At these inner levels of connecting with your own experience, you can help create change in your usual habits of tension and thinking.

Join us for our Yoga Nidra and mindfulness meditation drop-in classes.

Benefits of Mindful Yoga

Even simple postures, done in coordination with proper breathing and attention to the body and mind, have been shown to be beneficial in:

  • Helping the organs, muscles, and other tissues of the body relax, cleanse and regenerate
  • Settling the nervous system
  • Creating an environment for optimal functioning of the whole being

Mindful yoga brings mindful awareness to the body, the sensations of the body, and helps to release assumptions and tensions usually unconsciously held.

Yoga Nidra Class Format

Yoga Nidra is a Yogic practice in which you learn to consciously relax your body and mind. It is usually done for between 20 to 50 minutes at a time. It is a simple meditative practice done while lying down comfortably.

The teacher guides the meditation as you listen and follow along. You are guided to become aware sequentially of different parts of the body and sense into the body. There is no need to change out of work attire and participants can join the drop-in class directly after work, offering themselves an opportunity to release the tensions of the day.

I found Monica online while searching for a meditation training program. As a yoga teacher and business owner, I am often looking for ways to deepen my knowledge and expertise. I had been introduced to mindfulness and meditation in my teacher training but knew there was so much more to learn. What followed after signing on for the Core Program was not just another yoga training, but a profound, life-altering shift in my way of being in the world. Not only did this time with Monica affect the way I transmit wisdom to my students, it has altered the way I function in all of my relationships. I had no idea how transformative my time with Monica would be. I now count Monica as one of my most influential teachers and consider her a mentor, guiding light and friend. I am forever grateful for finding her.


Monica is a genuine, respectful, caring person with a gift for connecting with people and a passion for bringing the joy of meditation to others. She shares both a rich understanding of yoga and meditation practices and a voice like velvet to make the learning experience both informative and serene. I was skeptical before our course began, but now I see the potential of meditation to change your life for the better, in both small and profound ways. Whether you are looking for a brief respite from daily stresses, better focus, or a deeper level of peace through meditation, I highly recommend Monica’s program.


I’ve always heard that when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive. The logic was somewhat lost on me. Would I not seek and therefore find what I required? But when Monica came into my life, just as so many others seem to everyday, something changed. It seemed subtle and sweet and almost unnoticeable until profound shifts started to occur. So quietly and gently her words and actions began to change how I saw the world and myself. It was my journey, my experience, my deep knowing that she helped me to see. Her work is wise and profound while feeling grounded and relevant to our daily lives. It was so beautiful that I now consider her a true gift in my life and I treasure her very presence. I was unaware that I was ready for the teacher – perhaps you are too.


My studio is the great outdoors. I teach Stand Up Paddleboarding on Lake Ontario and find mindfulness is the key to a peaceful and de-stressing experience. Paddleboarding becomes a meditation, with focus on the repetition of the paddling and the movement of the water. Mindfulness is a practice that can be done anywhere. This morning I didn’t do my meditation at home and instead I went out for a mindful paddle.


Monica has the most calming voice and presence I’ve ever experienced during guided meditation. The moment she starts a session, her voice alone makes my entire body and mind relax like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Monica is the epitome of love and light and peace. Thank you, Monica.


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