Mindfulness Meditation

 Slow down.
Sense the moment.
Ancient wisdom for the present time.

Mindfulness is a skilled shift in perception. It’s the practice of relaxed yet focused and open-hearted awareness. It’s the art of noticing what is happening as it happens.

Mindfulness practices let us reclaim life’s minutes.

Join us for weekly drop-in mindfulness classes, or organize sessions for your corporate group or club. We offer resources, including online support through Mindfulness Training Toronto, and classes tailored to your needs and interests.

Sensing Our Way into Stability & Strength

In our habitual, stressed ways of living, we miss the opportunity to learn, grow, and become more focused, open-minded and satisfied.

In order to decrease stress, and grow more completely as individuals and as a community, we can develop new ways to observe and deal with any situation.

What is Mindfulness?

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Slowing Down the Stressed Mind with Mindful Awareness

A mind on autopilot is an under-utilized tool. With mindfulness, you can move out of habits and calmly notice what you are thinking, as you think it. You can notice your reactions as they ebb and flow. You can notice how others react, and learn to work with your own quick judgments, misperceptions and reactivity.

While benefits like increased focus and stress reduction are invaluable, mindful awareness is a skill that helps us to change our focus from one of fixing life to opening into to.

Monica is a genuine, respectful, caring person with a gift for connecting with people and a passion for bringing the joy of meditation to others. She shares both a rich understanding of yoga and meditation practices and a voice like velvet to make the learning experience both informative and serene. I was skeptical before our course began, but now I see the potential of meditation to change your life for the better, in both small and profound ways. Whether you are looking for a brief respite from daily stresses, better focus, or a deeper level of peace through meditation, I highly recommend Monica’s program.


Monica was someone that I feel I was meant to meet and interact with. I am typically a very anxious person but by the second session – with the guidance of Monica – I was really able to calm myself down. She has a deep understanding of the human body and how it is meant to work and be treated. I appreciate everything she taught me in those sessions and I still continue to listen to her meditation tapes. I would recommend Monica and the mindfulness class to everyone I know.


Monica is a gifted and giving teacher who guided me through the basics of mindful meditation with patience and grace. She has a deep understanding of the thinking and benefits of mindful meditation and answered my numerous questions with clarity and precision. She has the unique ability to see what most people do not see and brings this intuition into her practice. As a result, I often came away from the session feeling like I had made a shift in my thinking and gained a different presence of mind. Thanks to Monica, I can start my day from a place of peace and now have techniques to bring me back to the present moment when my thoughts get away from me. Learning and working with Monica has been a very helpful and transformative experience. I highly recommend it.


Without being too dramatic, I’d liken Monica’s mindfulness sessions to cleaning the smudge off your glasses and seeing clearer. Life is sweeter when being mindful. Thank you for bringing me back to childhood wonders and delights.


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