Corporate & Club Group Classes

 Slow down.
Sense the moment.
Ancient wisdom for the present time.

Mindfulness, gentle Mindful Yoga, compassion, and the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra enrich the human journey.

Engaging wise practices, we learn to function with greater awareness and think in terms of quality of experience, integrity, and vitality.

Whether your group is new to meditation or is looking for ongoing support for the practice, slow + sense offers flexible resources and classes tailored to you.

“Exercise the part of your brain that functions without a deadline.”
– Jeffrey Zeldman

Community Groups. Learning Together.

In a corporate or private group setting, we can create a training opportunity for staff or members. Sometimes called Community Groups, these sessions can be a way to foster communication and friendship between people who may not ordinarily meet in their day-to-day roles.

Read about One Executive’s Experience.

Private group members have the opportunity to further enrich their own practices by joining us downtown after work hours at our weekly drop-in classes. Feel free to join us to experience these sessions in person and discuss more options for your group.

Building Skills with Mindfulness Meditation in Just 60 Minutes a Week

Community Group classes are skill-building renewal time. In 60 minutes, either before, during or after the workday, you can learn and practice skills relating to mindfulness meditation, including:

  • Focusing
  • Patience
  • Developing compassionate and inclusive viewpoints
  • Relaxing the body while the mind remains awake and aware
  • Non-judgmental awareness and effective open-minded analysis and problem-solving

To cultivate and strengthen mindfulness skills, it is helpful to spend time daily in your practice. However, many people notice that even learning just once a week with a group, they experience positive changes in their own perceptive abilities and daily habits of mind and body.

Depending on the group’s needs and interests we can provide online training resources for anytime practice through Mindfulness Training Toronto.

Our Approach

Our approach is intentionally curious and light-hearted. The roots of mindfulness are compassionate and wise, and offer a rich environment for real growth. The result is that our sessions are short retreats from daily life’s busyness and expectations.

Our weekly sessions provide an alternative to the usual operating mode; one in which you can learn to grow your understanding, directly from your own experience.

No Experience Necessary

Each session is appropriate for people who are curious about learning new skills, and also supports those who already engage in their own meditation, mindfulness or relaxation practices.

A Worthwhile Investment of Time & Effort

Whether participants are proceeding with the work day after their sessions or heading home, this mindful time offers each person an opportunity to break the habits of stressed living and relate to their own experiences, their work, or their personal lives, with fresh perspectives. At any time, participants can read articles on the slow+sense website in order to inspire their learning and find answers to common questions, and some sessions are also supported by online audio guided meditations and course notes from Mindfulness Training Toronto.

Minimal Preparation

We offer a friendly and relaxing learning environment for participants. Your in-house preparation is minimal. In order to proceed, we only need a place for each participant to sit comfortably. Most people prefer to sit in chairs. If some people would like to sit on meditation cushions, they are welcome to bring their own. Instruction on various seated postures is provided.

Each session can be done wearing regular work clothes. After the sessions, most people feel refreshed and relaxed, and as though they’ve hit a reset button in the mind and body.

Online Resources & Class Formats

Online resources provided by Mindfulness Training Toronto can support your sessions.

Together with Mindfulness Training Toronto we offer training resources for:

  • One-time Workplace Wellness Workshops
  • 4-Session Mindfulness Programs
  • Ongoing community groups for beginners & experienced participants

Arranging Sessions for Your Group

For more information about training options for your group, please contact us. We can quickly offer solutions to customize sessions for your goals, space, time, and interests.

Our sessions are done on-site, at your location in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer affordable group rates, with discounts for ongoing Community Groups.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Monica Maurin. Her mindfulness training has given me peace and calmness in my life, which has enhanced my ability to make pivotal decisions for my business. The corporate world moves at an intense pace and taking a few moments to connect with one’s inner voice can be highly valuable for executives of all levels. What would it look like if more corporations invested in the calmness of spirit, rather than squeezing more out of their employees? I have a hunch that productivity and employee retention would be on the rise!


Having worked with Monica for several years I very much enjoy her mindfulness teachings. She has an open heart when it comes to many different techniques and does not impose just one methodology as the correct one. She clearly has years of experience and knows how to tailor the practice to each person. Her communication style is very clear and practical. I highly recommend taking Monica’s course if you get the chance.


Monica is a wise, compassionate, knowledgeable meditation teacher. Monica’s classes are a nurturing and safe environment to learn and ask questions to build a foundation and understanding to allow you to create your own mindfulness practice. Empathetic, and highly intuitive Monica is an expert at guiding and teaching a variety of meditation practices. I highly recommend Monica’s meditation classes, it has been a life changing experience bringing my life into balance, an increased sense of well being and peace.


Mindfulness Training helped me in so many ways. Not only has it improved my health by reducing my stress level it also has helped me stay in the moment, which has made my life more fulfilling.


Without being too dramatic, I’d liken Monica’s mindfulness sessions to cleaning the smudge off your glasses and seeing clearer. Life is sweeter when being mindful. Thank you for bringing me back to childhood wonders and delights.


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