Gilda's Club

 Slow down.
Sense the moment.
Ancient wisdom for the present time.

Mindfulness, gentle Yoga, compassion, and the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra. Tools for a beautiful life.

Whether you are new to meditation or looking for ongoing support for your practice, slow + sense offers resources and classes tailored to you.

When You’ve Been Touched by Cancer, Support is Available

Gilda’s Club is a free support community for anyone touched by cancer. Please feel welcome to join us for mindfulness classes, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Mindfulness Training Toronto and slow + sense facilitate mindfulness sessions at Gilda’s Club for those undergoing cancer treatment, and for the people who care for them.

Mindfulness at Gilda’s Club

Join us for the Come As You Are drop-in mindfulness classes. Please see Gilda’s monthly schedule for class times.

Each session is guided, and newcomers are always most welcome to join us.

Please contact Gilda’s Club directly to sign up.

Gilda’s Club is located in downtown Toronto

24 Cecil Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 1N2

Gilda’s Club is easily accessible via TTC, near the Queen’s Park subway station. There is also paid street parking around the clubhouse.

The History of Gilda’s Club

Gilda’s Club is named for comedian Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Live fame, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989. While in treatment in the mid-‘80s, Gilda visited a cancer support community in Los Angeles where she found others going through similar experiences. She drew strength and comfort from the support the group provided, and it became her dream that similar communities be available everywhere, so no one had to face cancer alone.

The first Gilda’s Club opened in New York in 1995 and Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto opened its signature red doors in 2001, in the city where Gilda got her start in show business.

Gilda’s Club Services

Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto offers a wide range of networking and support groups, educational and therapeutic workshops, expert speakers, recreational and social activities, all free of charge, all under one roof, all year long. Members are also free to spend some peaceful time alone in any of the cozy wellness rooms.

Donations of money, time and talent have kept Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto open since 2001.

No one needs to face cancer alone. Support is available. 

So quietly and gently her words and actions began to change how I saw the world and myself. It was my journey, my experience, my deep knowing that she helped me to see. Her work is wise and profound while feeling grounded and relevant to our daily lives. It was so beautiful that I now consider her a true gift in my life and I treasure her very presence. I was unaware that I was ready for the teacher – perhaps you are, too.


I was skeptical before our course began, but now I see the potential of meditation to change your life for the better, in both small and profound ways. Whether you are looking for a brief respite from daily stresses, better focus, or a deeper level of peace through meditation, I highly recommend Monica’s program.


Having worked with Monica for several years I very much enjoy her mindfulness teachings. She has an open heart when it comes to many different techniques and does not impose just one methodology as the correct one. She clearly has years of experience and knows how to tailor the practice to each person. Her communication style is very clear and practical. I highly recommend taking Monica’s course if you get the chance.


Empathetic, and highly intuitive Monica is an expert at guiding and teaching a variety of meditation practices. I highly recommend Monica’s meditation classes, it has been a life changing experience bringing my life into balance, an increased sense of well being and peace.


Not only did this time with Monica affect the way I transmit wisdom to my students, it has altered the way I function in all of my relationships. I had no idea how transformative my time with Monica would be. I now count Monica as one of my most influential teachers and consider her a mentor, guiding light and friend. I am forever grateful for finding her.


Mindfulness Training helped me in so many ways. Not only has it improved my health by reducing my stress level it also has helped me stay in the moment, which has made my life more fulfilling.


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