Meditation Drop-In Classes

 Slow down.

Sense the moment.

Ancient wisdom for the present time.

Mindfulness practices, gentle Yoga, compassion, and the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra. Tools for a beautiful life.

Whether you are new to meditation or looking for ongoing support for your practice, slow + sense offers resources and classes tailored to you. Join us Wednesdays, for our downtown after-work drop-in classes. Details below.

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Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga Nidra Drop-In Classes

Our classes are suitable for beginners, as well as for people with experience in meditation. Join us if you want to learn about mindfulness meditation, and want to come together with a group to strengthen and inspire your practice.

These classes include two periods of meditation, as well as a discussion between meditations. There is time for brief questions and answers as well. The meditations are guided by the teacher while participants sit in chairs or on the floor, as they find most comfortable. Often, people choose to use the chairs provided. If you wish to sit on the floor, please bring your own mat or cushion. There is no need to change out of business attire. Please wear whatever is most comfortable and convenient for you.

Both pre-registration and pre-payment for all classes are required. There will be no administrative staff on hand at the time of the class itself. Please contact us to sign up for our weekly drop-in classes. To keep in touch with updates and details, please sign up for our newsletter.

Our sessions are held in downtown Toronto, in the beautiful Rotman Music Room at Gilda’s Club. The room is wheelchair accessible. Queen’s Park Subway Station is located nearby. Paid street parking is available in the neighbourhood.

A number of our drop-in sessions will be Yoga Nidra style meditation. Please see the dates scheduled below to know which evenings are for mindfulness meditation and which are for Yoga Nidra meditation. For more information about mindfulness practices, please click here. For more information about relaxing Yoga Nidra, please click here.

Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga Nidra Class Details

2019 Drop-In Schedule Update:

* Note that our Wednesday evening Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga Nidra classes are resuming in the spring of 2020.
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Class Passes & Registration

Single Class: $15 + HST
4-Class Pass: $48 + HST ($12/class + HST)
Class passes must be used in the fall 2016 period outlined in our schedule, as above. Class passes are usable for both mindfulness meditation and Yoga Nidra class dates.

Payable by e-transfer or cheque, with registration. (We no longer accept Visa & Mastercard.) Cheques must be received and cashed before class passes are issued. Please contact us to sign up before your class date. All classes require pre-registration and pre-payment.


Rotman Music Room
24 Cecil Street, Gilda’s Club
Toronto, ON  M5T 1N2

Near Queen’s Park Subway. Neighbourhood paid street parking is available. The Rotman Music Room is fully accessible.
Please buzz at the front door of the clubhouse to gain access. (Though located at Gilda’s Club, Wednesday drop-in classes are separate from Gilda’s Club programs.)

For map & directions, click here.

For more information, please contact us.

One Executive’s Experience: Meditate the Mind Awake.

Monica is a wise, compassionate, knowledgeable meditation teacher. Monica’s classes are a nurturing and safe environment to learn and ask questions to build a foundation and understanding to allow you to create your own mindfulness practice. Empathetic, and highly intuitive Monica is an expert at guiding and teaching a variety of meditation practices. I highly recommend Monica’s meditation classes, it has been a life changing experience bringing my life into balance, an increased sense of well being and peace.


Having worked with Monica for several years I very much enjoy her mindfulness teachings. She has an open heart when it comes to many different techniques and does not impose just one methodology as the correct one. She clearly has years of experience and knows how to tailor the practice to each person. Her communication style is very clear and practical. I highly recommend taking Monica’s course if you get the chance.


Monica is a genuine, respectful, caring person with a gift for connecting with people and a passion for bringing the joy of meditation to others. She shares both a rich understanding of yoga and meditation practices and a voice like velvet to make the learning experience both informative and serene. I was skeptical before our course began, but now I see the potential of meditation to change your life for the better, in both small and profound ways. Whether you are looking for a brief respite from daily stresses, better focus, or a deeper level of peace through meditation, I highly recommend Monica’s program.


So quietly and gently her words and actions began to change how I saw the world and myself. It was my journey, my experience, my deep knowing that she helped me to see. Her work is wise and profound while feeling grounded and relevant to our daily lives. It was so beautiful that I now consider her a true gift in my life and I treasure her very presence. I was unaware that I was ready for the teacher – perhaps you are, too.


Monica was someone that I feel I was meant to meet and interact with. I am typically a very anxious person but by the second session – with the guidance of Monica – I was really able to calm myself down. She has a deep understanding of the human body and how it is meant to work and be treated. I appreciate everything she taught me in those sessions and I still continue to listen to her meditation tapes. I would recommend Monica and the mindfulness class to everyone I know.


I often came away from the session feeling like I had made a shift in my thinking and gained a different presence of mind. Thanks to Monica, I can start my day from a place of peace and now have techniques to bring me back to the present moment when my thoughts get away from me. Learning and working with Monica has been a very helpful and transformative experience. I highly recommend it.


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